Willi Commerce d.o.o. is the resident company that successfully operates for 20 years in the field of catering and facilities equipment with vending machines for hot and cold drinks and snacks.

Vending machines for hot drinks provide different types of beverages from coffee, chocolate, tea, milk (espresso,ness coffee, cappuccino, macchiato, mochaccino, hot chocolate, peach tea...)

Vending machines for cold drinks and sweet and salty snacks are equipped whit product’s of renowned domestic and foreign producer’s like: Stark, Bambi, Marbo, Pionir, Knjaz Milos, Tronosa water, Next juice, Coca Cola, Rauch, Nestea ...

Devices are intended for each space from private, public or business places in any form and size. Large selection of vending machines makes our offer comprehensive. If you wish to make your space modern, or you want for yourself, employees, client’s and your friend’s to enjoy in such service,
call us and we will together find the best solution.

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